About Versatile Veganism
Versatile Veganism is a new form of activism and conscious happiness through art. Although my focus is on promoting a vegan lifestyle, I also want to raise awareness on a number of different social issues.
Born and partially raised by the ocean on the small island of Mauritius. Then, immigrating to Canada for a brighter future with countless opportunities, lead by her entrepreneur father and visionary mother. Yvana Serret is an outspoken, outdriven, animal loving [a lil obsessive at times], vegan advocate as well as young street wear designer and artist. 
Versatility is what Yvana strives for; not being cookie-cutter, outside of the box, evolving and ever-growing, limitless, thrill seeking  [adrenaline junkie]. When she found herself completely lost after finishing high school, not knowing in which direction life was taking her, she found herself in desperation to find a path. In this, she found a new appreciation as well as developed a new infinite relationship with nature and  ALL the sentient beings who breathe, fly, swim, crawl, and walk amongst us, which is highly reflected in her art.
Yvana just celebrated her 21st birthday when she decided to chase her dreams and work on her art which lead to the creation of Versatile Veganism in early 2017 and officially launched in 2018.
My mission is to spread awareness about life experiences through an array of different artistic avenues and tell the stories of the voiceless.  Whether with drawings, paintings, poetry, blog posts or recipes, I hope to inspire you to make a difference, today and in the future. 10% of the profits generated by the sale of my art and apparel will be donated to different animal sanctuaries that make a difference in the lives of abused animals.
My vision is to spread the message of love and compassion as open mindedly as possible. The art that I create is inspired by the beings that live amongst us and portrays a new form of positive and conscious activism for the sustainability of our planet.
My future plans are to hopefully be able to live and travel around the world minimalistically [in a tiny house or something along the lines that will get me from sanctuary a to sanctuary b] while spreading a message of love. As for now, I am growing Versatile Veganism until I can pack my bags [or in my case, my camera, paper and pencil].