First and foremost, I want to thank you for even visiting the website. You being here matters so much.
I was born [and half-raised] on a small tropical [toasty warm] island off the coast of Madagascar called Mauritius. My dad is banker first but an entrepreneur at heart and my mom is exceedingly creative and driven; the two together have taught me that passion and determination are the founding force to move mountains.
They wanted the world for us and so in 2004, we packed our bags and belongings and moved 25 hours away [by minimum 2 planes], to cold county Canada. My parents chose Canada for us, so that we could thrive in whatever direction our hearts desired and I, to this day, told myself that they did not sacrifice moving across the world [aka a half frozen sahara in winter, and a humid heaven in summer, with the beauty of 2 other seasons in between] for me to not make a difference in this world.
All that cheezy stuff aside, born a Gemini, my emotions are a true testament of what I'm feeling, there is no sugar coating it. I’m also pretty sure I came out of the womb savoring on a passion fruit because I am INLOVE with that dang fruit. Not only are vines my favorite types of greenage, the flowers are beyond beautiful and they taste sour yet so sweet [kinda like me], the perfect mixture [currently drooling at the thought]. From a young age, I’ve been a curious rebel, a fighter some would say, I questioned anything and everything. I didn’t like dresses, buttons, pink…; the more it was pushed, the further I ran [towards animals] and I stuck our like a sore thumb because of it. Since I clearly did not act, dress or cared about girly things, nor did I like school because girls are girls, I was drawn to any living being that would cross my path [and a lil less to humans who kept trying to put me in dresses]. I was an avid horse ridder as a kid, although riding was not my favorite part. The bond created with the animal is far greater. The responsibility that comes with caring for any animal is a gift in itself. Getting dirty, cleaning the stalls, being in the elements did not phase me, I thrived off of it. The more I was outside doing things, the more I found myself at peace.
Which brings me to the person I am today; I, for one, will stop my car to pet your dog [or any pet for that matter]. I witty, at times funny, and a little tough to crack at first, but if you give me love, I will shower you with it back, since it's my favourite thing to give. I am sensitive, yet I have a big mouth and my heart on my sleeve, which gets me a lot of love, yet gets me in trouble since I can be blunt. I admit it, realize it and continue to work on that [but eh, we all got our demons, and mine includes chocolate too]. Art is my peace, it’s like all my ideas and thoughts come together and I just hit release. Poetry is a hobby, one I use to better express myself and at the same time destress, [it gets dark and deep]. I appreciate the person I am, and continue to evolve to be. I hope you enjoy the art and this journey, wherever this may take me, with love, Shanti. Xx