Let me tell you bout a time that wasn’t so dreamy,

All when like wasn’t so peachy.

You feel alone? I did to, so ditto.

I was there, not that long ago.


When it all started? That’s kind of hazy.

Fitting in aint easy peasy,

Others pickup when you feel uneasy.

I feel like I was thrown in, like I wasn’t ready.


Kids talk, like a game of telephone.

Made up stories, twisted, a rumour cyclone.

Messages coming in, blowing up my phone.

Meanwhile? I was all alone.

What to say, what to do?

At the time, I had no clue.


The words kept storming in, 

It was the first thing she saw in the morning.

No wonder I didn’t wanna go to school,

All throughout the day getting ridiculed.

Not sleeping through a night,

God dammit everyday was a fight.


Although let me tell you,

No matter what direction the wind blew,

Rooted, I remained strong like glue.

The reason why I’ll share with you,

Because deep down I knew,

I just had to get through.

And If I kept it together,

I'd come out stronger.



So there’s no need to weep dear willow,

No more tears on that pillow.

Those words don’t mean shit, zero.

The best thing to do is to lay low.

Eventually, no more wind will blow.

-Yvana Collet-Serret


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